Asemic writing

Wordless writing, illegible writing, new forms of writing Asemic writing has no semantic content. The letters are illegible, invented, or primal. The text has no verbal sense. Through its formatting and structure, it may suggest a type of document, or coded diagram, thereby, hint at meaning. Asemic writing can be understood through aesthetic intuition… through […]

Tresor Lizard

Translating Zen Calligraphy

Now! Joy! Movement! Music! I have adapted the principles of Zen Calligraphy to create my own form of asemic writing that tells stories of power, motion and time; paintings that challenge the viewer’s perception and individual understanding of reality. I use a calligrapher’s ink brush and work on a variety of materials including handmade paper, […]

Club Roxy with Step Forward

Live painting – Actionism

“The path is the target” I have painted live in nightclubs, music festivals and co-operated with a band who improvised and sang about the crocodile, while I painted. I do it because live painting is a multi-channel communication which explains the process of painting… my path, my philosophy. It demonstrates how I paint which gives […]

Tom Venning-nirvana-U4

Why paint?

A social comment – an edited extract from my painting diary Why paint? Why lines? What was the starting point? In business today the mantra is “The only constant is change”, “Change or die!” I observe that everyone is so busy rushing around trying to change, learn, keep up and hold down a job … […]


The influence of music

Music – an edited extract from my painting diary A musician or composer starts a piece with an over all impression of the mood and flow, this is the image I choose to paint. He or she then starts with one instrument and gets it to do one thing, a little tune or a few […]