Click here to watch Tom’s TEDx speech.

Click here to watch Tom’s TEDx speech.

On 18th June Tom will spoke at TEDx Dornbirn.

Tom spoke about …

“May be its madness, possibly brilliance … Asmeic calligrapher and performance artist Tom Venning has spent the last 13 years painstakingly painting black lines on white paper… that’s approximately 20 000 lines, an intense learning curve and a sore wrist. Surprisingly this monotone experience fed back into his other life as a business to business sales expert in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He learned how to think! Then he started noticing where our society accidentally uses this amazing capability, and where it deliberately destroys it.”

The Video will be coming soon.

TEDx is a program created in a TED’s spirit of spreading ideas. These are self-organized events bringing together people who want to share their inspiring experiences.

Trigger your Potential

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Click here to see Tom’s TEDx speech

Thanks to the TEDx Dornbirn team for making it all happen!

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